18-Year-Old Virgin

Directed By: Tamara Olson


Katie (Olivia Alaina May) is still a virgin and would like to have sex with Ryan, the coolest guy in school. However, Ryan doesn’t have sex with virgin girls, so Katie is intent on losing her virginity during a party, but everything seems to go wrong for her.
At the beginning of the film, Karmen Elena Morales is sitting on the bed masturbating. The girl is wearing a transparent robe. Later, during the school party, a guy walks around with a video camera asking the girls to show their boobs. Lauren Walsh obliges him. Twenty minutes later, Olivia Alaina May is standing in the bathroom, pants down, about to shave her pussy. Between her legs is a thick bush.
The party goes on, and Olivia Alaina May tries to get deflowered by some handsome guy, but each attempt fails. She even participates in a foursome with Crystal Baker and another girl. Dejected, the girl telephones her friend Lauren Walsh, who is screwing a boy.
Eventually, Katie succeeds, but she may not want to have sex with Ryan now.

Nude scenes