1923 (Season 1)

Directed By: Ben Richardson


1923 is a prequel television series to Yellowstone and a sequel to the miniseries 1883. As easily guessed, it’s set in 1923, and tells the story of Jacob and Cara Dutton, in an era of expansion, prohibition, and in the midst of the American Great Depression.
To our delight, there are a variety of nude actresses, beginning to arrive from the third episode, when Michelle Randolph shows us her nipples from a stunning cleavage. A man enters her room, undresses her, and has sex with her. In the following episode, we can see Julia Schlaepfer naked by the sea. First, she seduces her man, then she has sex with him. Julia Schlaepfer undresses again in the sixth episode, for a long sex scene that begins in the shower and ends in bed. The seventh episode starts with Cailyn Rice and Madison Elise Rogers, fresh from a threesome that we, unfortunately, didn’t see. A man spills champagne on Cailyn’s body and Madison licks it off. Seven minutes later, the two actresses are engaged in a long sequence, which includes some ass-whipping.
Cailyn Rice and Madison Elise Rogers return in the season finale. Madison is whipping Cailyn on the butt with a belt, then the roles are reversed. The last nude of the season is by Joy Osmanski.

Nude scenes