24 Exposures

Directed By: Joe Swanberg


Billy is a photographer for slightly extreme fetishes, like dead women and other cheerful situations. Not surprisingly, when the police find one of his models dead, suspicion falls on him.
The film opens with Lydia Hyslop in topless, fuchsia tights, playing a girl who takes drugs and dies on the couch. Later, Sophia Takal is naked on a different set, wearing the same pantyhose. Two minutes later, the model is engaged in another photo shoot, done by the photographer’s girlfriend (Caroline White). Later, the two chicks and the photographer have sex together.
Sixteen minutes later, Caitlin Stainken prepares for a shoot in the bathtub, where the girl fakes suicide. The following photoshoot stars Caitlin Stainken and Helen Rogers, and they are straightforward fetish-free shots.
The film ends where it began, with Lydia Hyslop on the couch, wearing fuchsia pantyhose.

Nude scenes