Acapulco, prima spiaggia a sinistra

Directed By: Sergio Martino


Two friends dream of summer vacations on the Mexican beaches of Acapulco, but end up as they do every year in the seaside town of Cesenatico, Italy. Here, the two guys try hard to pick up some pretty girls, in vain, constantly getting into trouble.
In the 21st minute Serena Grandi wearing a very sexy dress and fishnet stockings winks at a man. Seven minutes later Simona Marchini walks along the waterfront wearing a semi-transparent white shirt and a skirt with a thigh-high slit. Fifteen minutes later Mirella Banti lifts her skirt to walk up the stairs to a top shelf. Twenty minutes later Patrizia Focardi is walking along the waterfront wearing a transparent shirt that lets us admire her boobs. Next to her is Anna Kanakis in a breathtakingly low-cut dress. Five minutes later, Serena Grandi takes a walk with a man in the moonlight. The woman is wearing a pair of shorts and a tight shirt with nothing underneath. Eleven minutes later the boobs finally arrive, just before the credits roll. Fausta Pittoni proudly shows off her beautiful tits to one of the two main characters, while the other undresses Gegia to have sex with her.

Nude scenes