Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Directed By: Stanley A. Long


Adventures of a Taxi Driver is the first film in a trilogy of “adventures.” Joe North is a London taxi driver who still lives with his mother. The plot of the film is simply a succession of crazy and sexual situations with cab customers. Especially the female customers. By an ironic twist of fate, the film’s lead actor, Barry Evans, after a glittering career and a dark period, will work as a taxi driver in real life.
In an early scene, Joe convinces a customer (Jane Hayden) not to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. Soon after, the two are in bed having sex, but the performance is interrupted by the return home of her boyfriend. Later, Joe has sex on a couch with Gloria Maley. In a later scene, Joe delivers a package to a customer (Prudence Drage), who asks him to help her with the back zipper of her evening gown. Predictably, the dress falls to the floor and we can admire Prudence Drage naked.
Further on, Joe enters a nightclub and we can enjoy the performance of Anna Bergman, naked on stage. A few minutes later the two end up in bed together. The last nude scene is played by Angela Scoular.

Nude scenes