After Hours

Directed By: Martin Scorsese


After Hours, directed by Martin Scorsese, follows the events of a computer programmer who goes to a bar for a drink after work. In the bar the man meets a charming woman (Rosanna Arquette). The two go to her apartment, where there is roommate Kiki (Linda Fiorentino). From this point on, a series of events keep the man busy all night, in a whirlwind of surreal situations.
At the 20th minute, Linda Fiorentino is standing in the doorway. The actress is wearing a skirt and bra, but she almost immediately removes her bra, remaining topless. Twenty-three minutes later the actress is tied to a pillar and wearing a transparent shirt. Two minutes later we can see Rosanna Arquette naked on a bed. Unfortunately, the actress covers the most interesting parts of her body, but she’s still horny as hell.

Nude scenes