Amazon Women on the Moon

Directed By: Carl Gottlieb, Joe Dante, John Landis, Peter Horton, Robert K. Weiss


Amazon Women on the Moon is an anthology comedy that presents a series of comedy sketches and parodies of films and television programmes. Through a series of humorous and bizarre segments, the film explores topics such as pop culture, television and film.
In the sixth minute we admire Monique Gabrielle naked during a photo shoot. She is lying on a bed, wearing only a long pearl necklace. After the photo shoot Monique walks around town totally naked, carrying a handbag over her shoulder. Fifty-two minutes later Angel Tompkins wakes up and gets out of bed wearing a very low-cut slip. Ten minutes later a man is sitting in an armchair watching television. Corinne Wahl appears on the screen, moving around the house in a tight red dress and seems to be talking to him as she looks into the room. Corinne undresses and shows us her large breasts. Five minutes later Carrie Fisher lifts her skirt and shows stockings and garters in a black and white sequence. A little later Carrie is sitting on a guy’s lap and behind them are two naked actresses. One is Tracy Hutchinson.

Nude scenes