Amore mio spogliati… che poi ti spiego!

Directed By: Fabio Pittorru, Renzo Ragazzi


A man contacts a private detective because he suspects his girlfriend. The man is right: the girl cheats on him with his best friend.
Amore mio spogliati… che poi ti spiego! is an Italian sexy comedy of those that we like: full of nude actresses and sexy scenes. We can admire the nude scenes with the two sisters Silvia Dionisio and Sofia Dionisio on the screen. Together with them, other very sensual actresses. Lia Tanzi gives us a couple of very interesting sequences. In one scene the actress has blonde hair, in the other, she has red hair. In the film, we can admire Valeria Fabrizi nude. Indeed, we can admire a very rare full-frontal nude by Valeria Fabrizi, lying on the sofa.
Finally, two nude scenes with the actress Manuela Wondratschek.

Nude scenes