Animales racionales

Directed By: Eligio Herrero


Animales racionales (AKA Human Animals) is a Spanish post-atomic genre film. After a series of nuclear explosions, two men and a woman appear to be the last survivors on the planet. Little by little they return to the wild.
For the first 44 minutes, the film’s few protagonists wander through a barren land of dark sand and rocks. Then Carole Kirkham takes off her clothes and from this moment she acts totally naked for almost the entire rest of the film. In the first hot scene one of the two men starts masturbating her while she is lying by a fire. Three minutes later the actress walks naked through a forest looking for the other man. When she finds him she gives him a (simulated) blowjob and then has sex with him. In the following scene Carole Kirkham naked is playing in the water with a dog. Seven minutes later the actress is sunbathing naked lying on a raft in the middle of a lake. A man swims up to her, but she doesn’t like the company, dives into the water and leaves. Three minutes later, Carole Kirkham is having doggy-style sex on the rocks. Five minutes later another doggy-style fuck, this time in a hut. After sex and a night’s sleep, in the morning the woman dives into the lake, naked of course.

Nude scenes