Anna les cuisses entrouvertes

Directed By: José Bénazéraf


There is little to tell about the story of this film, a 1979 French hardcore by the talented José Bénazéraf. A ménage à trois takes place in a Paris club. It’s the first in a series of sexual couplings. From the club, the scenes move to a country villa.
The first actress to appear on screen is Jenny Feeling. The woman is having sex with a man in the club. Soon after, Brigitte Lahaie arrives and watches them, intrigued. Now Jenny Feeling is masturbating the man, with a gloved hand. Brigitte watches them and masturbates, then joins in and begins a long threesome.
Later, in a villa, Karine Gambier has sex with some men. This scene is not present in all versions of the film. In the same villa, Claudia Mehringer and Valérie Martin’s perform first a lesbian sequence, then a threesome with a man.
Jenny Feeling and Valérie Martin’s give us the final scene, a breathtaking threesome.

Nude scenes