Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me

Directed By: Ursula Macfarlane


Anna Nicole Smith (her real name was Vickie Lynn Hogan) was a Playboy playmate, model, and actress. Her life was troubled, between lawsuits over her late husband’s inheritance and the death of a son. Anna Nicole died at the age of 39, due to a collapse from excessive drug intake. There was a variety of speculation and conspiracy surrounding her death, but the relevant authorities officially declared that it was a collapse.
Sixteen years after her death, Netflix has released a documentary that tells us about the beauty and pain of this woman, with much previously unseen material, including several nude sequences.
At minute 17 and minute 19 we see a pair of montages with stills from the 1990s, in color and black and white, featuring Anna Nicole Smith‘s generous topless. 33 minutes later there is another photo collage. Anna is topless and getting ready for her wedding. Five minutes later, Anna Nicole Smith is relaxing immersed in the water of a swimming pool.

Nude scenes