As a Whistle

Directed By: Phillip Lee Duncan


As a Whistle is a short film made in 2011 by director Phillip Lee Duncan. Men and women sing in the shower, alone or in pairs, the joys and sorrows of their past loves. For us, a riot of naked actresses. Frontal nudity and wet skin, we cannot ask for more.
Needless to describe the scenes, most of which feature a naked woman in the shower, singing. There is Cleo Fishel, beautiful, dark-haired, with generous breasts. The woman sings, then starts masturbating. Erin Patricia does not sing but listens to a boy singing in the background, in what appears to be a public shower.
Estrela Straus sings in Portuguese and shows us her lean, luscious body, her pussy completely shaved. Jordann Davis sings sadly, then the camera lingers on her black bush.
Jules Elting showers together with a man. The two wash each other and sing. Julie Delaurenti sings as she strangles her partner with a belt. Don’t worry, it’s just BDSM. Finally, Tjasa Ferme sings in the shower, then lies down inside the bathtub.

Nude scenes