B. Monkey

Directed By: Michael Radford


In B. Monkey, Asia Argento plays a young girl dedicated to crime. She is nicknamed monkey because she can climb walls when she steals. But the girl wants to end her criminal career and only think about her love.
Asia Argento delights us with some breathtaking nudity. In the first scene, the actress takes off her shirt and shows us a pair of fabulous tits, then she lies in bed, in panties and black stockings, waiting for her man to join her. Later, Asia turns us on with a fabulous full-frontal nude as her man soaks her in a bathtub. We can admire another full-frontal nude in the following scene when Asia Argento and her partner have sex. Another couple of scenes with Asia Argento’s boobs in the foreground close the erotic section of the film.

Nude scenes