Baciato dal sole

Directed By: Antonello Grimaldi


Baciato dal sole is an Italian television miniseries from 2015, directed by Antonello Grimaldi. Elio is a young artist from Puglia with the dream of making it into the show. He participates in a singing talent show but fails to win due to rigged votes. A journalist discovers the truth and a scandal breaks out. Elio was entrusted with the conduct of a television program. Meanwhile, Elio continues to think about the mother who abandoned him many years ago…
In the first two episodes no one undresses, then finally, in the third episode, Lorena Cacciatore shows us those wonderful tits of him. And also a sexy white bikini sequence.
The nude actresses of the fourth episode are Nina Torresi and Barbora Bobulova. Nina shows us a fleeting nude, her breasts in profile. We see Barbora reflected in a windowpane while she is having sex.
In the fifth episode, we finally see Barbora Bobulova naked; the actress shows us her perfect breasts after a night of sex. And, again, we can enjoy Nina Torresi‘s breasts, first her as she gets out of bed, then in a sex scene.
Lorena Cacciatore returns to undress in the sixth and final episode, with a beautiful swim in the pool, completely naked.

Nude scenes