Directed By: Bigas Luna


After the death of her sullen mother, Bambola (Valeria Marini) opens a pizzeria together with her brother. A man lends her money for this venture and her boyfriend unwittingly kills him. When she visits him in jail, she falls in love with another convict, who is violent and misogynistic.
In the golden age of actress and showgirl Valeria Marini, director Bigas Luna makes this Bambola. In terms of plot, we cannot say that it’s one of his best works, but the actress’s naked body is our only thought while watching. Valeria Marini nude is worth the price of the ticket, and she also gives us full-frontal nudes.
In the thirteenth minute Valeria Marini climbs the stairs of a water slide wearing a stunning black bikini. Her round ass dances in front of the camera. Later, the actress gets some photos taken posing sexily straddling a huge sausage. Fifteen minutes later we finally see Valeria Marini naked. The woman visits a prisoner. The guard leaves them alone in a room, she undresses and they have sex. Seven minutes later there is a similar scene, in the same location, but this time Valeria is standing facing the wall and the man takes her doggy style. Ten minutes later, a man hugs Valeria Marini from behind and massages her tits coming out of her dress, then reaches down with one hand and slips it under her panties. The two jump down to have sex in an extraordinarily exciting and passionate sequence. In the following scene, the actress wears semi-transparent lingerie while talking to a man lying in bed. He first pulls down her panties, then rips them off. The two indulge in more wild sex, but her brother knocks on the door. Four minutes later Valeria Marini is sitting on the kitchen table and a man is fucking her. Both are licking each other excitedly. Soon after, he takes a dead eel and runs it over her body dildo-style. Just before the end of the film, the two fuck on a wooden dock for the last time.

Nude scenes