Bare Wench Project: Uncensored

Directed By: Jim Wynorski


We told you about The Bare Wench Project, its sequel, and the third installment. The following year, director Jim Wynorski returned to this saga and presented Bare Wench Project: Uncensored. This doesn’t appear to be a new chapter; rather it’s a long flashback related to the earlier films, with the addition of a new actress (Glori-Anne Gilbert) and previously unseen footage. The film opens with this description: “To date, three documentaries have been produced about the Legend of the Bare Wench. Now, the uncensored footage has been discovered and is presented here for the first time.”
It starts with a sequence from the first film, here in a longer version. It’s a lesbian ballet by Julie K. Smith, Julie Strain, and Nikki Fritz. The next scene introduces us to Antonia Dorian, Julie K. Smith, Lorissa McComas, and Nikki Fritz naked by the river. This is also a scene from the first film, but with previously unseen footage, mostly close-ups of the pussies. Soon after, the four girls are engaged in a lesbian scene in a camping tent. This is followed by a lesbian scene with Lorissa McComas and Nikki Fritz. A few minutes later there is another lesbian scene: Arban Ornelas and Stacy Rosman turn us on quite a bit by touching and licking each other.
Later Glori-Anne Gilbert, Julie K. Smith, and Nikki Fritz are at home chatting and decide to improvise three breathtaking stripteases. In the following scene Alexus Winston, Arban Ornelas, Griffin Drew, Juliet Cariaga, Nikki Fritz, and Samantha Phillips sprinkle themselves with chocolate in a scene we have already seen in the second chapter, with some unseen details.
Rather than a movie, this fourth chapter feels like a collection of DVD extras.

Nude scenes