Belascoarán, PI

Directed By: Hiromi Kamata


Belascoarán, PI is a television series starring a cheerless Mexican private investigator, based on the novels by Paco Ignacio Taibo II.
The series is also a chance to admire Paulina Gaitan nude, one of the most interesting Mexican actresses to us. Paulina has big, inviting breasts that blow us away.
In the first episode, Paulina Gaitan has sex in a train compartment. In the second episode, The actress wears blue panties and bra. Her nipples are visible through her bra. In the third and final episode, there are a couple of very interesting sequences. Paulina Gaitan makes out with a guy, then he turns her toward the wall and the two begin to have sex. Half an hour later, Paulina does a striptease for her man and shows us her perfect breasts.

Nude scenes