Black Bear

Directed By: Lawrence Michael Levine


Allison (Aubrey Plaza) is a filmmaker who is hosted by a couple of friends for a weekend at a lake house. The woman would like to recharge her batteries and work on a screenplay, but she ends up making out with the couple’s man, making the woman, who is pregnant, jealous. It doesn’t end well, but in the second half of the film everything seems twisted.
Aubrey Plaza turns us on even though she doesn’t strip totally naked, and in the 42nd minute we see her in lingerie making out with a guy on the couch. They want to have sex, but the guy gets hit on the head by the jealous partner, and Aubrey walks away, showing us her ass as she runs. Seventeen minutes later Aubrey Plaza is lying on the floor drunk and wearing only a black bra. A couple of girls help her up and we see her ass. When she turns around we get a frontal view of Aubrey Plaza with no underwear, but she is wearing a merkin.

Nude scenes