Black Tie Nights (Season 1)

Directed By: Julie Jordan


The two friends Olivia (Amy Lindsay) and Cooper (Tiffany Bolton AKA Tiffany Hendra) set up a dating service called Black Tie Nights. In the thirteen episodes of the first season, we watch many of these dates and also the private lives of the two women. Especially, Olivia remembers the nights of sex with her late husband.
In each episode, there are three or four sex scenes. The first begins with Amy Lindsay naked in bed with a man. Soon after, Ander Page is engaged in a photo shoot and gives us a full-frontal nude. Later, the blond Beverly Lynne has sex with a man leaning against the railing of a balcony. In the same episode, there is a nice sexual performance by Elina Madison.
Amy Lindsay, Tiffany Bolton, and Kehli O’Byrne are the nude actresses in the second episode. Tiffany turns us on with a nice car sex sequence. In the third episode, we get Tanya Lemelle, Angela Davies, and Tiffany Bolton naked. Interesting scenes in episode four include a threesome with Dawn Arellano and Monique Parent and a lesbian scene with Grace Tom and Monique Parent.
New beauties arrive in episode five: Kylie Wyote and Rochelle Vallese. In the sixth, we enjoy nudes of Symone Humphris and Tamie Sheffield, while in the seventh Selena Lori has sex with a guy in a camping tent.
The new face of the eighth episode is Janet Tracy Keijser, while in the ninth we can appreciate the naked body of Chelsea Chandler. The tenth episode features porn star Ron Jeremy, who fucks two beauties: Daniela Jean Rossler and Danielle Petty. In episode 11, Aria plays an artist who has sex with a man in her dressing room. In the same episode, Jenna Dee has sex on a black leather couch.
In the last two episodes, Julian Wells, Diana Rio, and Ashley Fires get naked. Of course, in almost all of the thirteen episodes we can admire – naked – the two main protagonists Amy Lindsay and Tiffany Bolton.

Nude scenes