Blind Date

Directed By: Nico Mastorakis


A man becomes blind while he’s thinking about his ex-girlfriend. The doctors visit him, but they don’t find anything wrong with him. They will try to help by connecting him to an experimental device which allows him to see thanks to a computer and brain electrodes. A kind of technological Daredevil.
Meanwhile, a psychopathic taxi driver stuns women and practices amateur surgery on them. Their destinies will cross and the blind man will try to stop the psychopath.
First of all, the scenes from Blind Date are essential if you want to admire Kirstie Alley nude. This is practically the only movie where you can see her nice tits. Another rather rare nude is that of the Greek actress Antigoni Amanitou. Then there are the tits of Marina Sirtis and Lana Clarkson. And finally a young Valeria Golino in a bikini.

Nude scenes