Blown Away

Directed By: Brenton Spencer


After her mother dies in an accident, Megan Bower (Nicole Eggert) lives recklessly. She is rescued by Rich Gardner, a young man who works at Megan’s father’s ski resort, with whom she begins a relationship. Megan convinces Rich that her father killed her mother, planning to eliminate him.
In the 11th minute Nicole Eggert is making out with a guy in the bedroom. She is standing with her back against the wall and he undresses her, then reaches down to put his head between her legs. After oral sex the two have sex leaning against the wall. Two minutes later Nicole Eggert is sleeping naked. A man behind her holds her in a hug. He is also asleep, but they both wake up suddenly and jump up from the bed. Eight minutes later Nicole is sitting on a windowsill, totally naked, her body covered by a large plush chick. Soon after, the director gives us a series of short erotic sequences starring Nicole and a guy. The scenes begin in a bed and end in the shower. Nineteen minutes later Nicole Eggert naked has sex with a guy in front of the fireplace. Thirteen minutes later the actress enters the bed where a guy is sleeping and a moment after she is on top of him for sex. Ten minutes later Nicole Eggert comes out of a bed naked and covers herself with a sheet, then leans against the wall and smokes a cigarette. Fourteen minutes later the actress is again riding a guy. She stands over him and wears a black robe open in the front.

Nude scenes