Directed By: Edward Dmytryk, Luciano Sacripanti


Baron von Sepper is known for his fondness for women and his bluish-colored beard. His most recent wife, Anne (Joey Heatherton) one day enters a room she was barred from, and discovers the frozen corpses of the baron’s previous wives. A cheap alternative to divorce, he explains to her.
In the 26th minute Joey Heatherton poses for some sexy shots in front of a man with a camera. First the actress winks, then she wears a sheer black lace dress with nothing underneath and then uncovers her breasts. Thirty-eight minutes later Nathalie Delon is lying on a man. The actress stands up slightly and pulls down her shirt, showing her breasts to the man beneath her. One minute later Nathalie undresses in front of Sybil Danning and remains in her bra, panties, and black hold-up stockings, then removes her bra. In the next scene the two naked actresses kiss, then lie on the floor embracing each other. Fifteen minutes later Marilù Tolo is lying on a couch. Her thighs are sticking out of her skirt and she is wearing black hold-up stockings. Marilù is wearing a transparent green shirt with nothing underneath. Shortly afterwards a man slaps her, but she is masochistic and receives them with pleasure. Immediately afterwards we see Marilù Tolo topless and stockings, kneeling in the basement, with the man whipping her and her moaning with pleasure. Two minutes later Agostina Belli undresses in front of a pond, then dives in. We see her from a distance, but after bathing, the camera lingers on her beautiful breasts as the actress gets a tan lying on the grass next to the water. A minute later Agostina takes off her shirt in front of a man and shows him her breasts, then sits in an armchair and invites him to join her. Ten minutes later Karin Schubert enters the protagonist’s bedroom in a red dress composed of a single ribbon. The man grabs one end of the ribbon and Karin spins around, gradually undressing herself and showing us full-frontal nude in the half-light. Three minutes later Joey Heatherton opens her dress in front of a man and proudly shows him her breasts. We also report a very sexy sequence by Raquel Welch, who wears a dress with stunning cleavage.

Nude scenes