Blutjunge Verführerinnen

Directed By: Erwin C. Dietrich


Blutjunge Verführerinnen (the international title is The Young Seducers) is yet another fake documentary on someone’s sexual habits. In this specific case, the editorial staff of a newspaper is gathered around a table to prepare some reports on uninhibited young women.
As always in this genre of films, the plot is an excuse to show a long list of nude actresses, some more famous than others.
Chitta Coray and Margrit Siegel have two sex scenes in the woods. Dorit Henke does a striptease for a group of men. Evelyne Traeger takes a refreshing bath, then caress herself on the bed, guided by dirty thoughts.
The legendary Ingrid Steeger gives us a lesbian sequence with an unknown actress. Margit Cizek has a long sex scene, very exciting. Melitta Tegeler has sex with customers at a gas station while they wait to fill up the car with gas.
Kathrin Heberle strips down and decides to give her boyfriend a blowjob. Rena Bergen first sunbathes naked on the beach, then poses for a painter (naked, of course).
Finally, Ursula Marty, who plays the secretary of the newsroom, strips completely naked to seduce the director.

Nude scenes