Breaking All The Rules

Directed By: James Orr


Breaking All The Rules is a romantic comedy with a dash of malice. Two guys and two girls meet at an amusement park and fall in love. There is also the presence of some jewel thieves, but we are more interested in the two actresses. The film doesn’t give us several nude scenes, but there are some good moments.
In the 10th minute, Carolyn Dunn does gymnastics and excites us by wiggling her ass in front of the camera. Seven minutes later we can see Rachel Hayward naked in front of the mirror, intent on admiring her fabulous body. For several minutes no one gets naked, then a rough guy discovers one of Rachel Hayward‘s boobs while they are on a roller coaster. Later, Carolyn Dunn climbs the stairs showing her panties to the guy below her. Black fishnet stockings and panties with the words “I love you.”

Nude scenes