Californication (Season 6)

Directed By: David Duchovny


For the sixth time, we thank Hank Moody and his ability to undress celebrities. In the sixth season of Californication, among the many beauties showing their nude bodies on the screen, there’s one who does it for her first time: Maggie Grace, very popular thanks to her role in the TV serial Lost. Unfortunately, there aren’t total nude scenes, but we can see a tit through the transparency while she droops on Hank Moody, then her gorgeous round ass, with more than a close-up. Of course, Maggie isn’t the only one stripping in this season. There are a lot of beauties stripping, as: Alissa Dean, Allison McAtee, Meghan Falcone and Stacey Scowley. If you like big boobs, you’ll fall in love with Meghan…

Nude scenes