Capri (Season 1)

Directed By: Enrico Oldoini


There is a beautiful villa overlooking the sea on Capri: Villa Isabella. Around this villa revolve love, passion, intrigue, betrayal, and everything else needed to make up a good TV drama. There are also beautiful actresses, but it’s not a TV series full of naked actresses, at least in the first season.
Gabriella Pession seduces us in the second episode, but she does not take off her clothes until episode 11 when she’s naked in the bathtub. The second episode also has a very hot bikini sequence with Marina Kazankova. In the third episode, another super-sexy bikini: Bianca Guaccero comes out of the water like a sea goddess, wearing a white bikini. It’s a TV series full of bikinis. In the thirteenth episode, Gabriella Barros wears a very horny one.

Nude scenes