There is a Ghost in My Bed nude scenes

There is a Ghost in My Bed

Directed By: Claudio De Molinis


A young couple on their honeymoon is broken down by the car. In the middle of nowhere. In the fog. The fog clears and the two find a castle, where they will receive hospitality but also the attentions of a ghost who wants to fuck the young wife.
A classic Italian sexy comedy with one of the most beloved actresses by fans of nude celebrities: Lilli Carati. This sexy queen of the 70s is in great shape in one of her most famous films: There is a Ghost in My Bed (original title C’è un fantasma nel mio letto). Full frontals, diving in the bathtub, stripping before going to bed, stockings showed mischievously under the table… We really love Lilli Carati!

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