Charlys Nichten

Directed By: Walter Boos


An erotic comedy set in a photo studio full of models walking around naked. Three young men disguise themselves as women and sneak into the photo studio, intending to seduce the models. This is an Italian-German production, with nude actresses of both nationalities.
The nudes arrive immediately, with a photo shoot of blond Elke Boltenhagen, who shows off a fabulous body. Elke poses for the camera, then has sex with a guy, while from the opposite window, two men spy on everything. Meanwhile, a door-to-door salesman has sex with customers. We find him in bed with Elke Deuringer naked. Two very interesting sequences follow. In the first, we find four beautiful actresses naked in a group: Elke Boltenhagen, Eva Gross, Patrizia Viotti, and Orchidea De Santis. In the second, the busty Anneliese Groebl tries on lingerie in a store, but it is too tight.
There are about thirteen minutes of comic gags with the three protagonists dressed as women, then fortunately it’s back to nude actresses, with Elke Boltenhage and Eva Gross in makeup for new photo shoots. Jean-Marie Dany also poses for the photographer. Naked, of course.
There are an endless number of erotic sequences starring Elke Boltenhagen, Eva Gross, Jean-Marie Dany, sexy waitress Marie Luise Lusewitz, and Italian Patrizia Viotti. There are about ten minutes without nude scenes, then the action moves from the photo studio to a castle. The actresses start undressing again, and we find Marie Luise Lusewitz changing into lingerie and Eva Gross seducing a man. Soon after, Elke Boltenhagen pours champagne on herself while toasting with a man. A minute later, Eva Gross entertains herself together with a man in the shower. The film ends with a topless parade of Elke Boltenhagen, Eva Gross, Orchidea De Santis, and Marie Luise Lusewitz.

Nude scenes