Che dottoressa, ragazzi! nude scenes

Che dottoressa, ragazzi!

Directed By: Gianfranco Baldanello


Che dottoressa ragazzi! is a typical Italian sexy comedy. The leading actress is Maria Pia Conte. This actress worked in many films between 1954 and 1978, but never as a leading actress. Thanks to this film, Maria Pia Conte shows us that she had nothing to envy her most famous colleagues.
Along with her many nude scenes, Femi Benussi also undresses in this movie. The film also features Mariangela Giordano, who just shows us her ass.
The film exists in two versions, one in HD with some cuts and one without cuts, but of lower quality. The cuts are not many, but they are the two full-frontal nudes of Maria Pia Conte. In short, it’s not possible to see her pussy in HD.

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