Directed By: Olivier Megaton


In Bogota, a little girl witnesses the killing of her parents by a Colombian drug lord. She survives the slaughter, and grows up hatching revenge.
In the 32nd minute Zoe Saldana is sitting in a cell. She undresses completely, framed from the back and in half-light, then wears a tight black jumpsuit. She opens the cell door with a hairpin and walks out into a hallway. Her turgid nipples are noticeable under the jumpsuit. Ten minutes later, Zoe takes off her jacket and remains in a tight tank top, then dances sensually and finally we see her naked in the shower. Three minutes later Zoe Saldana takes off her clothes in front of a man and remains in black panties and bra, then the two of them make out on the couch. In the following scene, the actress gets out of bed naked. Seventeen minutes later, the actress is sleeping naked in bed. She wakes up, gets up and wears a gray shirt showing us her nipples.

Nude scenes