Colpo Grosso: EuroGirls vol. 14

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


The public asks and we provide. Despite thirteen monographs dedicated to EuroGirls of Colpo Grosso, our users ask us for more material on these stunning girls. Ok, so here is the fourteenth monograph. The girls are all beautiful and there is something for all tastes, from Violetera‘s Latin beauty to Habanera‘s ebony skin, from Enchantée‘s refined face to the delicate beauty of Loreley. We also report the EuroGirl with the nickname Do Di Petto, which was also a contender of the quiz and its name is Luciana.
Among the many unknown girls, there are also well-known names: Sabine Schmidt, Sharlene Woodsford and Ingrid Merk.
If it is not enough, do not worry: there will be many other monographs after this.

Nude scenes