Colpo Grosso: EuroGirls vol. 42

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


If you search the web, you will find that the number 42 is associated with several interesting things, starting with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the famous novel by Douglas Adams.
In our case, it concerns the umpteenth monograph dedicated to the EuroStars of the sexy Italian quiz Colpo Grosso. The peculiarity of this forty-second monograph is the selection of girls. There is a mix made up of the EuroGirls most loved by our users.
The Junoesque beauty and big breasts of Amy Charles and Kerry Riebel. The seductive bodies of blondes Cindy Milo, Misty McCaine, and Jakki Wallace. The elegant nudes of Petra Vieten and Adele Smith. And again Amanda Forbes, Carolyn Liu, Dawn Davies, Gilly Sampson, Karen Slingsby, Michelle Cleaver, and Tracey Coleman.

Nude scenes