Colpo Grosso: Le Mascherine nude scenes

Colpo Grosso: Le Mascherine

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


The EuroGirls were the most famous girls in the Italian program Colpo Grosso. They were the girls to strip to win. The competitor who stripped the most was the winner and the other competitor would return home.
Few, however, remember that in the first season of Colpo Grosso the girls to strip were Le Mascherine (The Masks), a group of four females and four males wearing a mask. The male competitor had to be able to strip the women, while the female competitor obviously had to strip the men.
Among our many monographs dedicated to this famous sexy quiz, the one dedicated to Le Mascherine certainly could not be missing.
There are no famous names, unlike the EuroGirls group, with girls who have become real living myths among nude celebrity fans, such as Amy Charles, Monique Sluyter and Alma Lo Moro.
In any case, all these anonymous girls are beautiful, with sensual bodies and fabulous tits of every size. A monograph dedicated to them was mandatory.

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