Colpo Grosso: Monique Sluyter nude scenes

Colpo Grosso: Monique Sluyter

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


The Dutch Monique Sluyter moved to Italy as soon as she turned eighteen. She began her career in the entertainment world as a model then, at the end of the 80s, she joined the cast of Colpo Grosso and became famous throughout Europe.
Beautiful, blonde, gorgeous tits… Monique Sluyter was the erotic dream of thousands of Italians who watch her every night on TV and not just Italians, because she also took part in the German version of the show: Tutti Frutti. Over the years she has also been a singer and actress and in short: she certainly deserves one of our monographs of Colpo Grosso entirely dedicated to her.

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