Colpo Grosso: Stripteases vol. 1

Directed By: Celeste Laudisio


Colpo Grosso was a sexy Italian television broadcast born in the late 80s and which was a huge success. We talked about it in the transmission review.
In five seasons, the transmission has changed slightly, introducing various elements, so we decided to create some monographs dedicated to specific topics. For example, the stripteases. In some episodes, strips of Cin Cin Girls or EuroGirls were presented, sometimes even with full frontal nudes. During the 1990 World Cup, a special version of the program was also released, titled Colpo Grosso 90 – rivediamole insieme, which broadcast a selection of these strips. We present some of them, including unknown girls and names who were already famous or who later became famous, like Amanda Forbes, Angelique Rinkel, Misty McCaine and Zara Whites.

Nude scenes