Confessions of a Window Cleaner

Directed By: Val Guest


A nice window cleaner jumps from one window to another, but above all from one customer to another, satisfying them all. One day he meets the daughter of a police inspector and falls in love with her.
In Confessions of a Window Cleaner, there are really many nude actresses, in long and short sequences. Our friendly window cleaner observes many naked women from windows. He spies on Carole Augustine as she tans under a tanning lamp. Then he watches Ava Cadell, Glenda Allen, Petula Noble, and Zoe Hendry all naked in the shower.
Christine Donna offers us a rather long striptease. Sue Longhurst is involved in a foam-immersed sex sequence. Then we have the blonde Katya Wyeth, very sexy in glasses and green dress. Olivia Munday plays an unfaithful wife, in bed with the window cleaner. Anita Graham doesn’t strip completely, but she does sexy yoga, whatever that means.
Do you want more? Judy Matheson shows us her fabulous breasts and finally, Linda Hayden shows us a really hot full frontal nude.

Nude scenes