The Witch Affair

Directed By: José Miguel Juarez


A man kills his partner, but two old ladies witness the crime. On the day of the funeral, the two old women approach the murderer and reveal a prophecy to him: from now on, all his wishes will come true. Apparently, this sounds cool, but obviously, the price to be paid for such good fortune will be very high.
The Witch Affair (the original title is Cosa de brujas) is a Spanish horror film from the early 2000s about prophecies and black cats. There is little horror in it, but fortunately for us, there are plenty of boobs.
All the nudes are top-notch, starting with Italy’s Manuela Arcuri, who sports an Oscar-winning pair of boobs. There are three nude actresses, all beautiful. Let’s start with Lidia San José, who plays only one scene, very long and very exciting.
Manuela Arcuri is a goddess. In the first of her scenes, the actress is in the bedroom, topless, about to put on a black dress. Next scene: Manuela is sunbathing in a bikini when a man approaches her. In order to get sunscreen on, the woman takes off her bra. In another sequence, Manuela is lying on the bed. She is wearing red lingerie and watching a sex tape… starring her. Manuela gives us a couple more hot scenes as the film unfolds.
The third actress is Spain’s Susana Segorbe, who only starred in this film, unfortunately. Susana approaches a half-naked man who is waiting for her sitting on the couch, takes off her dress, and remains completely naked, showing us first her ass and then her tits. In the following scene, Susana Segorbe is lying in bed, naked.