Crimini (Season 2)

Directed By: Anna Negri


The second season of Crimini features new self-contained episodes dedicated to various noir and crime stories.
Unlike the first season, these new episodes include many more nude scenes, to our delight. In the first episode, Anita Caprioli gives us a couple of very exciting hot sequences, then we admire Pilar Abella naked in a scene ranging from the sex act to post-fuck relaxation. In the second episode, Donatella Finocchiaro is engaged in a beautiful couch sex scene.
The third episode opens with Gaia Bermani Amaral naked, riding a man in bed. Half an hour later, we enjoy a rare nude of Grazia Schiavo. In the fifth episode, Sara Tommasi shows us her perfect body: firm tits and a round ass, with the addition of thigh-high black stockings. Later, the actress wears a golden bikini. In the sixth episode, Francesca Inaudi gets out of bed naked.

Nude scenes