Dark Desire (Season 2)

Directed By: Leticia López Margalli


The second and final season of Dark Desire (Oscuro Deseo), a beautiful Mexican production made by Netflix. Many viewers would have enjoyed the third season as well, but they designed the series this way from the very beginning. The story continues from the end of the first season, and also this time it gives us a lot of scenes with nude actresses.
After the first episode without nude scenes, in the second episode Maite Perroni and Ariana Saavedra delight us with a couple of very intriguing sex sequences. In the fourth episode, Catherine Siachoque has sex in a room full of mirrors. In the fifth episode, we witness various sex scenes in an alternating montage. The nude actresses are Catherine Siachoque, Maite Perroni, María de Villa, and Regina Pavón.
Catherine Siachoque masturbates in the sixth episode. Flashbacks of having sex with a man accompany her self-eroticism.
Seventh episode: a sex scene with Ariana Saavedra, then another sex scene, this time with Maite Perroni fucked from behind, and finally a third sex scene with Catherine Siachoque.
In episode eight, there is a short sex scene with Maite Perroni, then Catherine Siachoque has sex with her man after sucking him off. Catherine Siachoque is the protagonist of the following episode, with two very interesting sex scenes. In the first scene, the woman is having sex with her husband. In the second, she is having sex with her lover, but her husband breaks into the room. This same sequence is shown twice, shot from different angles.
At the beginning of the tenth episode, a man is recording Catherine Siachoque with a video camera, while the woman is taking a bath. Soon after, the two have sex.
For a couple of episodes, there are no nude actresses to report. Then Regina Pavón gives us a long scene of sex and oral sex in the thirteenth episode.
In the fourteenth episode, Catherine Siachoque has doggy-style sex, wearing sexy red lingerie. Later, we find Maite Perroni in bed with her man. These are the last nudes of the season, which ends with the fifteenth episode.

Nude scenes