Directed By: Tibor Takacs


Deathline (AKA Redline) takes place in Moscow in the distant future. An experimental bionic technology allows a murdered man to come back to life. Obviously, the man has a great feeling of revenge and goes in search of his killers.
While he searches, we find Yvonne Sciò naked, in some very interesting scenes.
The first sequence with the sensual Yvonne will drive pantyhose lovers crazy. The actress takes off her coat and remains in a t-shirt and tights. Afterward, she removes her shirt and bra and wears only pantyhose.
In the following scene, Yvonne is in the shower. The protagonist enters and the two have sex. Anita Neszmenyi is also added to start a threesome.
Yvonne Sciò and the protagonist perform another sex scene a few minutes later, very exciting. A few minutes later, Ildikó Szücs is riding a man. His bob hair is actually a wig.
Towards the end of the film, Ildikó Szücs and Yvonne Sciò are engaged in a sexy catfight.

Nude scenes