Der Frühreifen-Report

Directed By: Ernst Hofbauer


From the director of Lehrmädchen-Report another pseudo documentary on sexual habits: Der Frühreifen-Report, also known as Early Awakening Report.
Various real-life stories (which are actually fake) are introduced to us by a psychologist (who is also a fake). Many nude actresses parade on the screen and this is the best part of the movie. Lovers of German nude celebrities will be happy to see some very interesting names from the 70s. Elke Deuringer plays a redhead with an insatiable sexual appetite. Judith Fritsch is a breathtaking MILF. Marie Luise Lusewitz is another MILF engaged in a sexual performance while someone spies from the keyhole. Marisa Feldy is a waitress who loves taking off her clothes in front of her employer. Sonja Embriz sunbathes naked on a lawn in the company of a friend of hers, while Ulrike Butz on the same lawn masturbates her boyfriend. Sonja Jeannine first milks a cow, then gets milked by a guy who has the body of a bull.

Nude scenes