Di padre in figlia

Directed By: Riccardo Milani


Di padre in figlia is a television miniseries that tells the story of Italy between the 70s and 80s through the events of the Franza family, owner of a distillery. The series highlights some significant milestones achieved by women in social history, from voting to divorce.
The first nude actress in the series is Francesca Cavallin, who appears in the very first minute. The woman is in bed with the protagonist when his wife breaks into the room. Later, we admire Matilde Gioli dancing in a bikini by the river. Stefania Rocca makes love to her husband in her bed a dozen minutes later. In the first episode, Matilde Gioli gives us another couple of short hot scenes. Stefania Rocca undresses for an intriguing sex scene in the second episode. In the third episode, Matilde Gioli has a quick nude. Unfortunately, no one undresses in the fourth episode.

Nude scenes