Die Tigerin

Directed By: Karin Howard


Berlin, 1920s. Tiger, a beautiful, wild, and very independent prostitute, falls in love with a charming con man. The couple hatch a plan to swindle a wealthy American man, but things end badly.
In an early sequence, beautiful Chilean actress Valentina Vargas takes off her clothes to have sex with a man. Later, we find Valentina Vargas naked in bed. The actress talks to a man, then gets up and walks away. In another scene, Valentina is still in bed and is still naked. When she gets up to put her clothes back on, she shows us a fabulous full-frontal nude. A few minutes later, a man masturbates Valentina, who is clothed and lying on the bed. Even without taking off her clothes, the actress turns us on quite a bit. There follows a long sex scene that begins in the mirror, continues in the bathroom, and ends on the bed, with Valentina licking her partner’s chest. Guess where the next scene takes place? That’s right, in bed. A man opens Valentina Vargas‘ shirt and massages her breasts.

Nude scenes