Digging for Fire

Directed By: Joe Swanberg


She is the future Capitan Marvel of the eponymous cinematographic universe. And in this Digging for Fire the marvel are her turgid nipples. Who? Brie Larson, of course. We have already told you that we love this actress. And every time we watch one of her movie with a hope: to see her naked.
She is a very good actress. Versatile, talented, professional. There are a thousand reasons to watch a film with Brie Larson. But we want to see her naked! Because it’s so sexy.
Can we see her naked in Digging for Fire? No. But she has a white T-shirt after a shower and her nipples seem to push to splash out. A really nice scene. And let’s not forget Anna Kendrick taking a dip in the swimming pool… in lingerie.

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