Diva Futura

Directed By: Arduino Sacco, Ilona Staller


One of the most famous porn stars in the world, Ilona Staller (AKA Cicciolina) makes her first film with the help of the director Arduino Sacco.
A scientist has discovered an AIDS vaccine, but the “strong powers” of the world put a spanner in the works. The girls of Diva Futura (which was also the agency of the late Riccardo Schicchi, talent scout of the most interesting Italian porn stars) try to defend the scientist.
The five porn stars on a mission are Moana Pozzi and her sister Baby Pozzi, Eva Orloski, Florence Farkas, and Petra Scharbach. Obviously, there are a lot of nude scenes, but it’s a softcore movie, so no real sex.

Nude scenes