Dr. Carstair’s 1869 Love-Root Elixir

Directed By: Henning Schellerup


Erotic Western from the early ‘70s. A couple of thugs steal gold from some miners. Not satisfied, they also steal their women.
A group of men takes a bath in a wooden tub, resting on the ground in the prairie. Susan Gaines spies on them from behind her wagon curtain, and she gets very excited. The woman places her ass in front of the camera and masturbates. A few minutes later, Susan Gaines is still naked on the wagon, but this time she is having sex with a man.
The action moves to a saloon, where Marsha Jordan, playing a prostitute, displays the wares. Whenever we see her big, soft boobs, we want to put her face inside. In the first scene, Marsha is alone; in the following scene, Kathy Hilton is licking her tits.
A few minutes later Susan Gaines is swinging on a swing, naked and drunk. A man arrives and the two have sex.
In the following sequence, there is a threesome with Marsha Jordan and Kathy Hilton. The stars of the following threesome are Marsha Jordan and Susan Gaines.
Shortly thereafter, there is a group sex scene with all three actresses. Kathy Hilton and Marsha Jordan star in the latest nude scene.

Nude scenes