E adesso sesso

Directed By: Carlo Vanzina


E adesso sesso is an episodic comic film, which tells us about the sexual habits and vices of the Italians of the early 2000s.
Edelweiss and Eva Henger make a lesbian show at the window, admired by the people across the street. A group of wives (including Guia Jelo, Luciana Frazzetto, and Maria Rosa Sapienza) create a fake calendar of nudes to make their husbands jealous.
Sabrina Marano does a striptease in front of her husband to excite him, but he prefers to watch the football match. Grazia Schiavo and her boyfriend decide to try the couple swap, with poor results. A man falls in love with a beautiful prostitute (played by Youma Diakite) and manages to marry her. Francesca Nunzi contributes to the household expenses by secretly acting as a porn star.

Nude scenes