Elena Undone

Directed By: Nicole Conn


Lesbian writer Peyton (Traci Dinwiddie AKA Thunderbird Dinwiddie) falls in love with Elena (Necar Zadegan), the wife of an anti-gay pastor, resulting in a clandestine relationship. As the attraction grows, Elena finds herself having to choose between her marriage to Barry and her passion with Peyton, facing an inner conflict between marital desires and duties.
In the 51st minute, Traci Dinwiddie and Necar Zadegan are the protagonists of a very long lesbian kiss, which is very sensual and very exciting, even though neither of them takes their clothes off. We can admire the two naked actresses three minutes later. In another long scene, the two women kiss and caress each other. Traci puts her hand between Necar’s legs and masturbates her. Four minutes later, another long scene. Necar is lying naked on a bed, while Traci caresses her, lying next to her. Eleven minutes later Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie kiss, then lie naked on the bed.

Nude scenes