Emanuelle e Francoise le sorelline

Directed By: Joe D'Amato


Emanuelle e Françoise le sorelline marks Joe D’Amato’s debut in Italian erotic cinema. An impressive debut, with a very intriguing film and an exceptional cast. Rosemarie Lindt plays Emanuelle, a woman who discovers that her younger sister (Patrizia Gori) has committed suicide because of the constant harassment of her boyfriend. The woman invites her late sister’s ex-boyfriend home, seduces him, drugs him, and chains him in a closet hidden behind a mirror. Revenge begins…
Film poised between the erotic and the dreamlike, full of fabulous sequences.
Less than three minutes after the start of the film, Patrizia Gori gives us a full-frontal nude. Another three minutes pass and we see Annie Carol Edel naked. A man is licking between her legs. The third actress to undress in the film is Rosemarie Lindt, who combs her hair in front of her mirror, topless.
Then, Patrizia Gori again makes love lying on a carpet of photographs. After a very intriguing scene starring Rosemarie Lindt with a wet t-shirt, the fourth naked actress arrives. Maria Rosaria Riuzzi takes off her shirt and remains topless while she dances in the disco.
More exciting scenes await us. Rosemarie Lindt, topless, is painting. She is taking a self-portrait, so she admires her tits in a mirror, then paints. Following, an amateur black and white adult film starring Patrizia Gori, Patrizia Gori doing a striptease in front of the mirror and, after another couple of hot sequences with Lindt, we get totally excited in front of a lesbian threesome composed by Annie Carol Edel, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi and Rosemarie Lindt.
The three actresses are also protagonists of the following scene, a really hot orgiastic dinner. Anna Maria Polini, who has a beautiful body but unfortunately won’t appear in any other films besides this one, completes the group.
Before the end of the film, Rosemarie Lindt delights us with a couple more nude sequences.

Nude scenes