Emmanuelle: A Time to Dream

Directed By: David Cove


Emmanuelle: A Time to Dream is the fifth installment in a series titled Emmanuelle in Space. Long story short: Emmanuelle (played by Krista Allen) met an extraterrestrial, boarded his spaceship, and is now teaching aliens Earth sex. In the last film there were some continuity updates: Emmanuelle fell in love with an alien named Haffron, and the U.S. military discovered the existence of extraterrestrials and wants to capture them.
There are no further developments in this fifth chapter. Emmanuelle convinces her alien friends to explore their sexual fantasies through their dreams. At the beginning of the film, Emmanuelle enters a room where Kimberly Rowe is in bed with a man. A minute later, Debra K. Beatty is having sex in a hot tub. Next is a long sex sequence with Krista Allen, but it’s from the third installment of the series. Immediately following, Krista Allen is in the shower. This is also a recycled sequence (from Emmanuelle: Concealed Fantasy), but it includes previously unseen footage. Later we watch a very interesting scene: six naked actresses sitting at a table, intent on having dinner with some naked men. Only a few seconds pass from dinner to orgy. The actresses are Debra K. Beatty, Holly Hollywood, Jennifer Burton, Kimberly Rowe, Lori Morrissey, and Tiendra Demian. We see the same actresses again in a harem in the following scene. Seven minutes later, Jennifer Burton lies in bed and masturbates. Ten minutes later, Debra K. Beatty has sex aboard the spaceship. Three minutes later there is another group scene. In a bed are Debra K. Beatty, Kimberly Rowe, Lori Morrissey, and Holly Hollywood. Two minutes later Krista Allen has sex with a man on a shell-shaped bed shrouded in a mysterious mist. Nine minutes later, Krista Allen gives us another long sex sequence.

Nude scenes